A new kind of waste recycling could help save the planet

New research suggests that using waste recycling as a way to recycle waste into new, more sustainable products could help reduce the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.The research was published in the journal Nature Communications on Tuesday.The researchers, led by Dr. Stephen R. Brown from the Institute of Materials Science and […]

How to recycle polystyrene plastic

If you use plastic or styrene as a waste material, you’ll be better off using a biodegradable waste stream.According to a new study, that means you could be making the world a lot better for the planet.“The recycling of polystyramines is already very efficient and relatively inexpensive,” said lead researcher, […]

How to recycle your electric waste

California and New York are on the verge of implementing a program to recycle electric waste and recycling water.California is one of two states that require businesses to use plastic bags to collect water, and it’s not far off from becoming a national leader.In addition, the state is looking to […]

Japanese waste recycling symbolizes ‘waste’

JAPAN’S waste recycling system is so inefficient, it uses more energy than it generates, a Japanese recycling company has announced.The waste recycling company Bamboo Waste Recycling Co., or BwRTC, is one of a number of Japanese companies that have recently emerged as leaders in the recycling of plastic, metals, and […]

How to recycle waste in Fiji

Fijian authorities are looking for a waste recycler to help them remove and recycle the waste they’re trying to dispose of in a landfill.It’s a new job for one of the countrys top waste recycers.Fiji Waste Recycling is part of the national waste management system, the Waste Management Council.Fijian government […]

How to save money with waste recycling and composting

By now, most people have heard of waste recycling.Waste recycling is a technique that allows businesses to turn a small amount of waste into a usable product.Companies can then sell the finished product on to consumers.This practice is particularly popular with businesses that can’t sell the waste directly to consumers, […]

What you need to know about recycling in Iceland

Iceland’s recycling policy has seen the country take a big step forward in its environmental performance, according to a report by the Waste and Recycling Network.The country currently uses about 5,400 tonnes of waste per year to generate energy.Waste recycling is a big part of the country’s economic growth.But the […]