How to save cheltranham waste from landfill – ABC News

The Canadian company that manufactures chelsham waste is getting the last laugh after its waste recycling plant in Toronto was shut down due to an outbreak of the deadly virus.

The facility’s owners say the virus caused the shutdown of a major waste processing plant in Ontario.

The shutdown is causing concern for those who live near the plant, which also produces other household items.

The Ontario provincial government says it will spend $1 million to buy food and other household goods to be distributed to people who have contracted the virus.

Residents in the area are still being advised to remain indoors as the virus continues to spread.

Some say they fear they could become ill with symptoms that can include coughing and breathing difficulties.

“I am very worried about my children.

They’re not going to be able to go out, and they’re not able to have activities in the streets and play outside,” said one man who identified himself only as Kevin.

“People are having to come into their houses and put their kids to bed.

We’re not seeing any new activity.

There’s no work.”

Residents of nearby towns are not as worried about the outbreak.

“It’s not that big of a deal.

We’ve had a couple of cases already,” said Tim MacLeod.

“We’ve had to evacuate, and we’ve got a lot of things to deal with.”

The Ontario Ministry of Environment says it has not received any reports of cases from residents of the affected area.

It says the virus has not been found in the waste it is processing.

The virus has been detected in samples of the waste and in some of the company’s products, including its packaging materials.

A Canadian Food Inspection Agency spokesman says the company will be required to produce a final report before the end of this month to show that it has a vaccine.

It will then be tested for the virus and if it’s found to be in the final report, the company could face further sanctions.