Southampton to install waste recycling bins as waste is removed from local streets

Southampton City Council has launched a new waste recycling scheme to encourage people to recycle.

It will be rolled out over the next two years in selected areas and in a pilot scheme in the city’s west.

The new scheme will see waste from local businesses, hospitals, hospitals’ shops and shops of a similar type collected and delivered to a central collection point in the City of Southampton.

In the scheme, people who use their waste to create a local environment will get an estimated $30 for the first three months, then $100 a month for each additional two months.

The scheme is part of the City’s ongoing recycling initiative which has seen over 10,000 tonnes of waste collected over the past six months.

It is part in an overall strategy to cut waste in the area and ensure a more sustainable future.

Southampton City Mayor Paul Daley said: “Our aim is to make our city a place where people don’t have to waste their time and energy.”

This waste recycling campaign is an example of how we can take advantage of the resources we have and recycle waste.

“There are many other ways that we can recycle and we’re determined to find new ways to make this work for everyone in Southampton.”

A new recycling bin has been installed in Southampton to collect and deliver waste.

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