How to get rid of your unwanted recycling

The American Waste Recycling Association (AWRA) has posted a video to its Facebook page featuring a man in a wheelchair who is asking other people to help him clear his trash and recycle his garbage.

The video shows the man walking with his wheelchair in the direction of the nearest dumpster to retrieve a can of water.

He then stops at a red truck to drop the can off.

When he reaches the truck, he walks out with the can and a bucket of water, before he is confronted by a garbage collector who is angry that he had to stop and retrieve the garbage.

“He said, ‘Are you a recycler?

Do you recycle?’

I said, no,” said the man.

“He said ‘I don’t want to see you in my neighborhood.

I don’t know where you come from.'”

The man then tells the man who helped him that the man is homeless and doesn’t have money to pay for the garbage pickup.

“I said, I can’t help you.

You’re going to have to go,” the man says.”

What do you want?

I said I’m going to get some water, because I don.t have the money,” the garbage collector says.

“I don.m not going to pay you.

What do you need?”

The man replies, “I have a bucket full of water.”

“Why are you saying that?

I’m not a recycler,” the collector replies.

“You can’t say that.”

“I’m not recycling my trash.

I’m just recycling it,” the video shows.

The man in the wheelchair says he is homeless, and he can’t afford to pay a trash collector to take his trash.

“It was really sad to see a guy like that in our neighborhood,” said John Olesen, president of AWRA.

“We all know there are some people that have some really difficult circumstances and have a hard time getting by.”

He said it is important to recognize the people who can help people in need and provide financial assistance.