How to get your waste from landfill into a recycling bin

A waste recycling company is taking a risk with the use of a high-tech recycling bin in an attempt to combat the spread of plastic waste and other debris that accumulates at landfill sites across the UK.

A high-technology recycling bin can be attached to a waste recycling device and then turned on to collect the plastic debris from the waste collection and sorting system and then it can be disposed of by recycling the plastic in a bin or recyclable bag, or composted.

But waste collection at landfill is often more expensive and more complicated than with a traditional recycling bin, which can only be used to collect a small amount of plastic debris per day.

In this way, a new company called WasteBin, based in Sheffield, is trying to take the challenge a step further.

“What we’re doing is a recycling device that attaches to a standard recycling bin,” said lead founder and chief executive, Peter Wilson.

“We take the waste that’s in that bin, we put it in a container, and then we send it off for collection.”

Mr Wilson said he had seen a need to create a “safe, efficient, low-cost, recyclability solution” to recycle waste, adding that the bin was being designed to be used with a waste collection device.

He said it would cost less than $100 to set up and would be recyclables that were “the size of a piece of paper”.

The company also has plans to sell a range of waste products including paper, glass and cardboard to the market, and said it had been approached by “several businesses” who had also been interested in purchasing the product.

It has also been approached to buy other types of waste from its customers, including a “green” paper bin, to be added to the existing bins, which are currently made of paper.

Mr Wilson told the BBC that the company had been contacted by a few companies in the UK that were interested in buying its bin, but they were still waiting to hear back.

“At this stage we’re really focused on getting a product to market, so hopefully we can get a couple of orders out of that,” he said.

“But it’s a really, really exciting project.”

He added that he hoped the company would be able to sell its product in the next six to eight months.

The waste bin is being sold at the company’s website, which says it will be “in the field by December”.

Mr Wilson’s website says that the waste bin can hold up to 30kg of waste, and that it can hold a total of 10kg of recyclably generated plastic debris.

The company hopes to be selling its product to companies within the next two to three months.

It also said it hoped to be in the market by December.

“The recycling bin will enable the community to dispose of waste as efficiently and economically as possible, without having to pay any additional costs,” it said.

The WasteBins website also states that the product can be “brought into the landfill at a cost of up to $300 per kilogram”.