How to turn your trash into a recycling project

How to make a recyclable trash bag for recycling.

If you are planning to turn garbage into a DIY waste recycling project, you will need to first learn how to cut up trash and build a trash bag.

The bag itself has to be made from a piece of trash that has already been cut up and the waste should be cut up at home, but it can also be made at a professional recycling facility.

This tutorial is meant to give you a general idea about how to make your own trash bag that can be reused in your home, or if you would like to recycle the bag, the contents will be used for another project.


Start with a piece you can wash, rinse, and reuse2.

Cut out a piece to be cut and re-used3.

Cut a hole in the piece, with a knife4.

Use the garbage bag as a tool to make the hole5.

Wrap the trash bag around your trash can, to store it, and make a garbage collection bag6.

Use it to make plastic trash bags for recycling7.

Use an old trash can to make reusable trash bags8.

Use leftover trash bags to make other plastic bags9.

Create reusable plastic trash bins to use to collect recycling materials10.

Make plastic trash cans from leftover plastic bags