The best waste recycling company in Australia

More than 2,000 waste recycling and recycling companies across Australia are offering free rubbish recycling, with the focus on providing more opportunities for people to recycle, as Australia becomes the first country in the world to make recycling mandatory.

The NSW Government is now working with waste recycling industry experts to set out guidelines for companies to adopt.

“We’re in the process of setting out guidelines,” Mr Morrison said.

“So what we’re going to do is we’re setting out our criteria, we’re putting forward a proposal to make sure we’re meeting those criteria and that the waste recycling is done on an equitable basis.”

Key points:Swanssea Waste Recycling said they are now offering free waste recycling at all its sitesIn 2016, 1.5 million tonnes of waste were recycled from landfill in NSW alone, the largest amount of any state in the country.

“Swanshire is a leader in recycling, so we’re really proud of the way we’re handling this,” Mr Morris said.

He said waste recycling had been a priority of his government for a long time and the process was now an important part of the community’s recycling efforts.

“Our goal is that waste is reused and recycled in a safe way and not just in a landfill,” Mr Williamson said.

Swansseas waste recycling website currently offers free recycling to all of its businesses, with some businesses offering their own facilities.

Mr Morris said it was important for people in his electorate to be aware of the options available.

“You can do it at your home or you can do the whole process at the company, or you may choose to do it from your local recycling centre, but we want to make it easy for everyone,” he said.

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