US recycling rate at record low as recycling surges – New York Times

by Matt AgoristThe US recycling recycling rate for 2015 is down to the lowest level in the last 25 years, according to data from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The rate is down by 3.7% since 2009, the EPA said in a statement.

The EPA did not provide a reason for the drop in recycling rates, but the agency pointed to declining waste water and electricity use and “other environmental factors.”

In 2015, the US spent $2.8 trillion on waste, according the EPA.

The agency reported that the total amount of waste produced in the US dropped by 5.1 billion metric tons last year, an increase of more than 25% over 2014.

The EPA also found that the US had the second-lowest rate of recycling in the world in 2015.

The country’s recycling rate in 2015 was 1.8%.