What are the biggest waste-to-energy-recycling problems in England?

The number of landfill sites in England is growing by the day, with a total of more than 5,000 sites being proposed or under construction.

The waste-management systems used by these sites have come under fire, with some councils saying the new technology is not as good as what was used in the past.

The problem, the Waste Management Association (WMA) said, is that the new systems are not designed to handle large volumes of waste.

It also found that many of the new sites were being used for a short time before they were demolished, meaning the waste was not recycled properly.

“The vast majority of sites have not been designed for the type of waste that they have, and have therefore been left to decompose in the countryside,” WMA’s chief executive, Joanne Cairns, said.

“If you have waste that is not going to be recycled, there’s no point in going to a landfill.”

Ms Cairs said the industry was trying to find solutions for these problems and hoped that by 2018 the problem of the UK’s landfill system would be fixed.

“We’re at the point now where we have a huge opportunity to get it right,” she said.

Waste management systems ‘not good’ There have been suggestions in recent years that landfill waste could be recycled.

However, this is a controversial idea and a number of organisations and local authorities have criticised the systems.

In December 2015, the UK government said it was looking at alternatives to landfill and recycling, but these have not come to fruition.

However the WMA says that is partly because the waste management systems used in many of these sites were not designed for this type of material.

“They are not intended for recycling, and they are not equipped to handle the loads that landfill and incineration do,” Ms Cirns said.

The WMA also noted that some of the newer sites were built with a lot of steel and aluminium panels, which can absorb much more waste than the waste that was originally put in them.

Some councils have also expressed concerns about the new waste management technologies, saying they have not provided enough data to support their claims.

The biggest problem is that there is no data about how well they are working, Ms Cairs said.

Some of the major waste-collection systems in England are: The South Downs landfill in Staffordshire, where waste is collected in two stages.

There are also six landfill sites under construction in Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

The site, which is expected to open in 2020, is intended to handle more than 1.5 million tonnes of waste annually.