When it comes to your recyclables, you’re more likely to get your garbage sorted than you think

The biggest issue when it comes time to collect your recycles is that the city isn’t very organized and often not very knowledgeable about what to do with the trash.

“When you get a lot of it, it’s not that great,” said Sarah Ruhl, who manages Calgary’s Waste and Recycling Recyclers Association.

“You need to find out what you need to do to make it go away.”

According to Ruhls research, the average amount of trash that goes to waste is around 2.6 tonnes per person.

“If you are a person that wants to get rid of that, that is a lot more than you would think,” said Ruhlen.

So what can you do to minimize the amount of garbage that goes into your recycling?

Here are a few tips to make sure your recycling is done correctly.

Clean up your recycene container Clean your recycling containers every time you dispose of them.

It’s a good idea to clean the top, bottom and sides of your containers before you take it out of the recycling bin.

It also helps to use a brush to clean your container.

Put plastic bags in the bin for recycling.

Put paper towels or other materials into the bin.

Remove the lid on the recycling container when you leave it on the curb.

It will allow you to clean it.

Ruhlin said that if you put a trash bag in a garbage can, it can absorb some of the trash that falls into the garbage.

Put your recycan into a bin and empty it before you recycle it.

When it comes down to it, the more you recycle, the less waste you will have.

Rahn said that it can take up to three months for a bin to be full of recyclable material.

When it’s full, you can then fill it up with trash.

Don’t forget to fill it with something else, such as a compostable material like grass or compost.

Ruhlen said that the waste that comes out of recycling bins can be dangerous.

“We get a ton of plastic,” she said.

“Some of it is plastic that is not biodegradable.”

If you’re a person with a heart condition, it could cause problems for your health.

She said that recycling is an option that should be part of any home, but it’s important to be aware of what you’re going to be putting in your recycling bin before you dispose.

Find out more about waste recycling here: https://www.calgary.ca/garbage/recycling-recycling-faq.aspx#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