Which cities are the worst places to recycle?

Bordeaux – 4.5% of recycling in France but 5.9% in Italy and 7.2% in Spain.

Source: EcoFusion/iStockphoto.orgBordeaux is not the only city in the French capital that is suffering.

It is not even the worst place to recycle.

Paris has been at the forefront of recycling for years.

The capital has become known for its high levels of recycling.

Bordeux is the second city in France to see its recycling rates fall to the lowest level in a decade.

Source: Eco-fusion/Flickr.comIn 2013, the city of Bordeau set a record for the lowest amount of recycling per person in the city.

The city has been a model for recycling as it has a recycling rate of about one recycling unit per 10,000 inhabitants.

Bordeau has had an average recycling rate for a decade now.

Its recycling rate dropped to just 5.5 per 10 million inhabitants in 2016.

The Paris-based recycling authority, La Ciotat, has said the city has “lost its way”.

The recycling rate in Bordeac has been going down over the last five years.

Source : EcoFusions/iShares via flickr.comBordeac’s recycling rate has been declining for a number of years.

Source : Eco-Fusion, Flickr.comThe Paris- based recycling authority La Cictat said Bordeafans have “lost their way”.

“The French government is making sure that recycling is an economic necessity, and not just a political necessity.

It means that, for example, the new recycling system of the Paris metropolitan area is not working for us,” said Jean-Pierre Mardet, the president of La CICTAT.

The Paris municipal waste management authority has set a goal of reducing its waste by 80% by 2020.

The aim is to have 25% of municipal waste recycled by 2030.

In 2017, the Paris mayor signed a decree that allows the city to spend a maximum of 20% of its recycling revenue on recycling.

This means that the city can spend up to 60% of the money it collects on other things.

The mayor said this is a necessary measure to encourage the recycling of waste, as the city needs to get rid of the waste that is not used.