Which waste is most costly?

Waste recycling magazine published an article on Tuesday that looked at which waste recycling facilities were the most expensive, ranking them based on costs per kilogram.

The top five waste recycling companies include:Sweden’s Waste Recovery Systems, which operates three facilities in the country; Waste Management, which owns one in Denmark; and Swedish Waste Solutions, which has two facilities in Sweden.

The ranking is based on the price of the materials that are recycled and the amount of waste that is recycled.

It found that the waste recycling market is growing at a rapid rate in Sweden, but that the cost per kilo of material has gone up by 12.5% since 2012.

Sweden, Sweden and Denmark are the countries where waste recycling is growing fastest.

Swedish waste recycling giant Waste Management is also the third largest waste recycler in the world, according to the Swedish Federation of Waste Management (SfF).

The Swedish waste recycling industry is a huge sector in the Nordic countries, with more than 8 million tonnes of waste being recycled annually.

Switzerland and Germany are the two largest producers of recycled waste in the European Union.

The list of the top five was based on prices per kilofreak.

Waste Management was at the top of the list with a price per kil of waste of 4.6 euro cents.

Swiss waste recycling company Waste Management also has two recycling plants in Switzerland.

Swedes Waste Management facility in Zurich, Switzerland is the third-largest in the EU and has an average of 1,400 tonnes of recyclable material per year.

Switals waste recycling facility in Bratislava, Slovakia is the second-largest recycling facility worldwide and has a capacity of 8,500 tonnes.

Swedy and Bode are both German waste recycling operations that operate in Germany.

In the United Kingdom, Waste Management operates four facilities.

The most expensive waste recycling for Waste Management in the United States is a facility in Florida at $3,800 per kilometre, followed by a facility near Orlando, Florida, at $1,500 per kilmetre.

The lowest cost is found at the landfill in West Virginia, which is only $400 per kilimetre.

In Norway, Waste Solutions has one recycling facility, which also is in Norway.

Waste Management is the only waste recycling firm to be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most recyclables.

Swastika has the world’s largest waste recycling and recycling facility at Tvejkova, a town near Skopje, which in 2014 was ranked as the most waste-free municipality in Europe.