Why is your recycling still not on the table?

Posted November 16, 2018 11:56:48 A new report says most of the province’s recycling centres are still not meeting demand for new recycling products and that the province will need to invest $2 billion in recycling by 2030.

The Calgary Waste Recycling Institute released a report Tuesday that said the province needs to invest about $2.2 billion to meet demand for recycling by 2025.

The institute is recommending an investment of $2,000 per person per year for recycling to meet the province s requirements.

The province is currently spending about $3.2 million per year on recycling.

The report said the demand for recyclable materials is high and that Alberta needs to increase recycling efforts to keep up with the demand.

“With the increase in waste-to-energy, there is an opportunity to increase our recycling efforts by at least $200 million per annum,” said Steve Loh, chair of the institute.

“We are not able to provide the kind of investment that we need to ensure that we meet the needs of our communities.”

Loh said the institute believes that a new provincial recycling program is needed to meet Alberta s demand.

The initiative, which would involve creating a new central clearinghouse for waste management, is part of the $1.5-billion Clean Canada Plan.

The plan also calls for the province to increase the number of municipal and non-municipal recycling centres by 30 per cent in 2020.

“The province needs a clear plan and the time is right,” said Loh.

“I am optimistic that we will be able to secure funding for this, and we are looking forward to sharing more information on our next steps in that effort.”

The institute has already announced that it will offer an online workshop to help residents understand the new governments plan.

The government will release a plan for the provincial recycling initiative in early November.