Cardiff waste recycling program to get $1.7m grant from US department of state

A $1m US government grant for waste recycling has been awarded to Cardiff city-state.

The UK Department of State for International Development (DOD) announced on Monday that it had awarded Cardiff a $1,731,000 grant for recycling the city’s waste, which has the capacity to generate up to 500 tonnes of waste per day.

The Department of Environment and Tourism (DET) will spend up to $1 million on recycling and composting projects in Cardiff, according to a statement.

“In Cardiff, we know that our waste is a major source of pollution in our city, and we are committed to using the new funds to further reduce our waste pollution,” Cardiff City Council’s Environment Services chief executive, Neil Williams, said in a statement on Monday.

“We are confident that the recycling programme will reduce pollution and help our city achieve a healthier environment, whilst also generating positive economic and social benefits for the region and the wider economy.”

The programme will also help to reduce the amount of waste generated by the city, which is estimated to generate more than 300 tonnes of pollution each day.