How to save your life when you’ve lost your job

A man in his 50s was given a job at the local recycling centre, only to be fired after the manager said he could not clean his car, according to a new ABC News story. 

The man was working at the centre in the town of Nairobi when he began to suffer from asthma, said Nairobios deputy mayor Lolo Waseeb.

“He went to work and suddenly he got this phone call and the manager says he can’t do his job anymore because of his asthma,” Mr Waseem said.

“I thought, this is a joke.

I don’t understand why.”

The man was told that if he left the workplace he would lose his job.

“This man was not in a position to refuse that, and he was not going to be let go.

So he went and did his job,” Mr Lolo said.

The man’s manager told him he was in a “difficult position” and told him that he was under “legal obligation” to clean his vehicle, said Mr Waseseb.

He was fired and a replacement was hired three days later.

“The manager said this is the reason why he fired him.

He said it’s not just about cleaning your car.

It’s about cleaning our community, our city, our community in general,” Mr Nairobo said.

Mr Waseemebs manager is now working at another recycling centre in Nairode, and Mr Nokes said the man was being “protected” from any repercussions.

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