Where do you recycle? ABC News: The answers to your recycling questions

The ABC has teamed up with the Australian Waste Recycling Network (AWRN) to give you the most up-to-date information on where you can recycle.

The AWRN is a partnership of ABC Radio and TV studios across Australia.

The partnership covers a range of topics including waste collection, recycling, waste management, the ABC’s recycling and environmental coverage.

Here are some of the highlights:What can you recycle from the ABC?

You can recycle from your phone, television, computer, computer equipment, toys, footwear, clothes and home furnishings.

But what about other things that could be reused?

The ABC has a recycling centre, but you can also recycle by filling your bottle, carton or bin.

To do this, you need to call ABC Rural Recycles on 1800 662 636.

To make sure your recycling collection is going smoothly, you can check your recycling queue, which will show you the number of items in your queue and how much you can collect.

What are the most important things to know about recycling?

Recycling can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

You can make a big difference by taking action early.

If you are unable to recycle immediately, your next steps should be:Check your recycling bins and take photos of your waste collection.

Take the recycling collection to a recycling shop or landfill.

Get help to make a differenceRecyclable waste is not a good use of landfill space.

The ABC is encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint by recycling.

To do this you can reduce the amount of waste you put in landfill.

Your waste can be put into an environmentally friendly landfill, a landfilling facility or even an air filtration plant.

The landfill is a waste treatment facility that uses natural gas and other gases to extract nutrients from waste.

The air filtrating plant uses CO2 to remove pollutants from the air, which is then used for fertiliser, energy or for industry.

If you have questions about your recycling options, please contact the ABC Recyclers and Recyling team on 1300 659 090.