Which New York City Food Waste Recycling Program Is Worth the Effort?

New York’s City Waste RecYcling Program is a great example of what can be accomplished when government, industry, and the private sector work together to improve our waste system.

With the help of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), New York has a $1 billion program to help us manage our waste better and reduce waste.

New York collects and recycles over 200 million pounds of waste each year and the City Waste Program is an excellent example of how we can be proactive in managing our waste.

The program uses a combination of both public and private agencies to collect, ship, and process waste.

While the program is technically overseen by the NYSDEC, the program was started and implemented by a private company called Waste Management.

The company is known for its innovative waste management systems, and it has earned a reputation for helping people save money by recycling their waste.

We spoke to Waste Management’s Senior Waste Management Analyst, Jeffery Stromberg, to learn more about what it takes to make sure that waste collected by the program makes it to the right places.

New Yorkers can learn more on how to use the City’s Waste Recycle Program by visiting the NYS Department of Health website. 

How Does the City Recycle Waste? 

What is a New York garbage truck?

A New York trash truck collects waste and collects it to send to a landfill.

Waste collection occurs at the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), which transports the waste to a waste facility. 

What happens to the trash that is collected? 

The waste collected is sent to a collection facility in New York.

In some cases, the waste is stored for up to five years before being disposed of. 

Why is New York a good place to recycle? 

Recycling is a relatively inexpensive way to manage our landfills and waste streams.

Waste is usually composted and recycled into food, beverage, and paper products.

New Jersey also has a Waste Management recycling facility that takes care of some of the more complicated waste processing.

Waste can be transported to a site where it is recycled or shipped to a distribution center. 

Is there a fee for using the New Zealand Waste Recyan­tion Program? 


The NYC program is free, and all waste collected and collected to landfill is sent directly to New York, where it can be recycled or composted into food and beverage. 

Can I use the New England Waste Recya­tion Facility? 


New England uses Waste Management for waste processing in all of its waste and recycling centers.

Waste from the New Hampshire recycling facility is also collected to send directly to the New Bedford landfill. 

Which City Waste Waste Recys­tion Programs is Best for New Yorkers? 

If you are interested in a New England garbage pickup program, we recommend using the NYMDP Waste Management program. 

If a New Hampshire trash pickup program is more your style, the City of New Bedford is offering a waste processing program, which is free. 

Does the New Yorker waste collection program take place in New Bedford or New York? 

New York City’s waste collection facilities are located in New England, which means that all New York city residents can apply to have their waste collected there. 

Where can I find more information about New York waste collection programs? 

Check out the NYCDEC website for more information on how the New Yorkers manage our landfill.