Why the US is dumping $2 billion on waste recycling

As the United States prepares to unveil a $2.2 billion waste recycling program, officials are highlighting the need to ensure its impact is more than a mere cash grab.

According to the Waste Conservation Act, waste collected from the nation’s businesses is a key part of the nations economy.

But since waste collection is a voluntary program that involves businesses donating their materials to a third party to be recycled, the U.S. government is required to collect its own waste.

In response to the growing number of businesses opting to participate, the Trump administration has proposed to dump $2 million into a national waste recycling fund, called the Waste Recovery and Recycling Fund.

The waste recycler’s group, Waste Recyclers Alliance of America, told The Hill that the money will be used to promote waste recycling among the businesses participating in the program.

According the group, the funds would provide $2,000 per company for materials that are not currently recycled, and another $2 a ton for materials recycled during the program, as well as provide $1,500 per ton of recycling.

Waste Recycler’s CEO Michael Della Vigna said in a statement that the U of S is using the money to “enhance our ability to support our members and encourage them to recycle.”

He said that waste recycling can be a “critical part of an effective waste reduction program.”

“The fact that we have a strong industry in this country and that waste is a large part of our economy is a positive, and we need to promote it,” Della said.

The U.s. currently recycles around 4 billion pounds of material each year.

It is estimated that between now and 2028, the United Kingdom will consume more than half of the waste produced by U.K. businesses.

The United States is currently the only country in the world that does not require companies to report the waste they produce, but the government does require companies that sell products to be environmentally responsible.

Wasteful waste from businesses is estimated to contribute between $1.8 trillion and $2 trillion annually to the U-S economy.

According to the EPA, the total amount of waste generated by U-50 companies is $3.6 trillion.

In 2016, President Donald Trump signed into law an executive order that aims to encourage waste collection.

The order also required businesses to report to the federal government any material that they dispose of and to submit their waste-to-energy and waste-removal data to the government.