Why waste recycling is the best thing we can do for waste

If you’re in Edinburgh and you have a few extra pounds to throw away, the best way to recycle it is to do so at a waste recycling station.

It’s all part of a new scheme called Waste Management.

The city is currently home to one of the largest waste recycling facilities in Europe.

“Our goal is to encourage people to put more of the stuff they can’t recycle back into the system, which is what we’re doing,” says Linda McLean, who is part of the Waste Management team.

We’ve already got one in Glasgow, which I can confirm is doing great.

“Ms McLean says the city is now working on two other waste recycling stations, and hopes to expand them to more of Scotland’s cities.

For those who are in Edinburgh, it’s also a great opportunity to give back.

If you don’t have any more than £10,000 to spend, the city will offer you free rubbish pick-up at a new waste recycling centre.

That’s in addition to the standard recycling of paper, cardboard and packaging.

But if you do have more than that, the waste collection will be free.

There are three centres, each with up to 10 pick-ups per hour.

And that means there are plenty of bins, bins of recyclables, and bins of waste.

All that’s needed is to pay for it yourself.

The plan is to see if people actually donate their rubbish to Waste Management, which will then take the rubbish to a recycling plant.

Once there, it will be sorted, put into recycling bins and then sent to the landfill.

So if you want to keep a clean and green environment, and you don’ t want to spend a few pounds, you could always donate your rubbish to the City of Edinburgh.