‘A Christmas miracle’ after massive storm causes £1.6bn Christmas tree recycling scheme to be cancelled

Hundreds of tonnes of rubbish have been recycled, and millions of Christmas trees have been cut down across Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh City Council has announced a new recycling scheme for Christmas tree waste which has been cancelled following a massive storm that dumped record rainfall.

The council said it will have the entire scheme cancelled this year.

The storm caused the highest rainfall in Edinburgh in 20 years, with heavy rain and high winds blowing across the city.

It is thought about 10,000 trees were destroyed in the worst floods of the century.

The scheme is due to be dismantled and the city council has announced the scheme will not return until 2021.

The city council said the plan had been implemented by the previous Government.

The project involved about 1,000 tonnes of waste, including more than 6,000 bags of rubbish.

The programme is being implemented by a contractor, which is expected to be up and running within a year, the council said.

A council spokesman said it was not yet known what the new scheme would cost.

The Government has also announced it will not pay for the city’s new Christmas tree planting programme, which was supposed to start on Saturday.

The decision comes after the Council announced the creation of a special Christmas tree fund to help those in need, which will be funded through an annual levy.

A spokesperson said the funding was set aside to help in the Christmas season and will be administered by the City Council.

He added that the City of Edinburgh has made a commitment to help the homeless and the homeless are part of the Christmas tree project.