Waste recycling rates rise in West Virginia after algae spill

Chesterfield, West Virginia, has seen a record number of new residents this year as residents are seeking ways to save money.

Waste recycling rates have risen to more than 100% as more residents want to recycle.

A new study released Wednesday found that West Virginia has seen an increase in recycling rates since algae spilled into the state’s rivers and lakes.

The study from West Virginia University found that the average recycling rate for the past year has increased by a factor of eight, according to the Associated Press.

The AP also reported that recycling rates rose more than 20% in the first quarter of 2018.

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman Julie Epps said in a statement that West Virginians can expect to see more recyclables in the future.

She also said that WestVirginia has seen more waste being recycled, which is good news for the environment.

“The recycling rates we are seeing are very good,” Epps told the AP.

“We know that our rivers and beaches are clean and that there are fewer pollution problems.

This is good for our environment and good for the economy.

West Virginias pollution problems have been well known and we are glad to see that they are now improving.

The new research supports that.”

West Virginia’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources is partnering with the West Virginia Environmental Council to conduct a pilot program that is looking to reduce waste and recycling rates.

The pilot will focus on two counties, one of which is a large recycling center.

The other is the West Virginian Coastal Waste Commission.

The West Virginia EDP and the Coastal Waste Coordination Council are looking to hire an environmental consultant to help with the pilot.