How to recycle waste from newbury’s waste recycling facility

Newbury is moving to end its decades-long refusal to recycle the majority of its waste.

The city’s Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) voted Tuesday to require all recyclable materials from Newbury waste to be composted, with the goal of eventually getting 70 percent of its collected waste composted by 2020.

The council’s unanimous decision came after two months of public hearings and public input, including testimony from residents who voiced concerns about the impact of the city’s composting program.

Newbury Mayor John C. Lopes said he supports the EQC’s decision to require recycling of the bulk of its recyclables, but it is too soon to know whether the program will be successful.

“There are things that we can do right away to address the impacts of the compost program and the need to do things better and better and we need to see more of that done,” he said.

“We are looking at things that are in place now.

We will continue to do that and we will make improvements as we move forward.”

Newbury’s recycling program is set to be rolled out across the city in early 2018.

In the coming months, EQC will develop guidelines for the city to implement its recycling program, which will also include a timeline to get composted materials into homes.

The EQC says composting programs are a cost-effective way to recycle materials that are difficult to recycle or that can’t be composting because they are difficult or dangerous to handle.