Worthy of a new title

Posted September 06, 2019 07:24:37I have a question about waste recycling.How can you recycle it?Can you recycle its contents in a new container?What is waste recycling?There are a few ways to recycle waste.There are two types of waste recycling: recyclable and non-recyclable.Recyclable means that it can be disposed of in […]

Which cities have the best recycling options?

Posted September 25, 2018 14:58:23Every year in Halifax, Nova Scotia, hundreds of tonnes of waste are recycled into a new product or service.But for the residents of the city, it’s a bittersweet moment.The municipal landfill in Halifax is currently under renovation, and while the area around the site is currently […]

How to save money on dog waste recycling

The number of dog waste incinerators across the UK is rising and Birmingham is a leading city to sign up for a new programme that will save money and recycle more dog waste.Birmingham City Council has announced that dog waste recyclers will be able to collect and sell the dog […]