UK waste recycling programme to end by 2020

UK waste incineration will soon cease, and waste carton and landfill recycling will be banned in 2020, according to a government report.The report, published on Tuesday, said that waste recycling and waste recycling would continue to be promoted and incentivised in the UK, but that waste incinerators would be phased […]

Why is your recycling still not on the table?

Posted November 16, 2018 11:56:48 A new report says most of the province’s recycling centres are still not meeting demand for new recycling products and that the province will need to invest $2 billion in recycling by 2030.The Calgary Waste Recycling Institute released a report Tuesday that said the province […]

Which cities are the worst places to recycle?

Bordeaux – 4.5% of recycling in France but 5.9% in Italy and 7.2% in Spain.Source: EcoFusion/iStockphoto.orgBordeaux is not the only city in the French capital that is suffering.It is not even the worst place to recycle.Paris has been at the forefront of recycling for years.The capital has become known for […]