What you need to know about recycling in Iceland

Iceland’s recycling policy has seen the country take a big step forward in its environmental performance, according to a report by the Waste and Recycling Network.The country currently uses about 5,400 tonnes of waste per year to generate energy.Waste recycling is a big part of the country’s economic growth.But the […]

How to recycle your green and recyclable waste

Recycling is not only about taking the most environmentally-friendly, sustainable and cost-effective action possible to minimise your environmental impact.It’s also about doing things that are more efficient, sustainable, cost-efficient and environmentally-conscious.There are many ways you can recycle, but in this article we will discuss some of the most common practices […]

Why is waste oil recycled at the landfill?

I was in the waste oil bin last week.It was the first time I’d ever used it.I’d been told it would last forever.It didn’t.The waste oil from my car was the same, but the waste water from my toilet, which had been stored for weeks, had turned into a thick, […]